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Mandatory-sentencing bill appears headed for Governor's desk

ACLU calls on lawmakers and Gov. Patrick to stop deeply flawed "crime bill" expanding unjust, wasteful mandatory sentencing and limiting judicial discretion.

ACLU says health care decision "especially welcome" for women, minorities

Decision "recognizes that Congress has the constitutional authority to fix a health care system that does not work for millions of Americans."

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down mandatory life-without-parole sentencing

Ruling affects children in 29 states, including Massachusetts.

Despite succeeding in court, "show me your papers" has failed in action

Laura Rotolo

Matthew Segal

Laura Rótolo, FOIA counsel and community advocate for the ACLU of Massachusetts, and Matthew Segal, legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, originally co-wrote this guest blog for

Today the Supreme Court struck down several provisions of Arizona's controversial anti-immigrant law, but it upheld the infamous "show me your papers" provision. Although the Court's decision to uphold that provision is a blow against civil rights and liberties, the "show me your papers" provision is likely to be relegated to the dustbin of history anyway.

Fall River Public Schools suspend Black and Latino students, and students with disabilities, at unusually high rates

Civil Rights Project at UCLA and ACLU of Massachusetts file complaint with U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, alleging violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.