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ACLU thrilled to host Mozilla Fellow

How can we use technology to help shield people from dragnet surveillance, instead of enable it? What’s happening in the lesser noticed corners of public policy, where data collection and the proffering of government services meet? Where are the best places to draw meaningful connections between technologists and law reform advocates, and how can we best help one another understand not just today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s?

Jury awards $15,000 to Wakeelah Cocroft in wrongful arrest suit against Worcester police officer

Case stemmed from 2007 incident in which Worcester Police Officer Jeremy Smith pulled over a car and improperly arrested a passenger, Wakeelah Cocroft, who had spoken up about his abusive conduct.

At Liberty: Friday, December 27, 2013

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court strikes down juvenile life without parole

The ACLU of Massachusetts commends the Court for recognizing the fundamental unfairness of mandatory death-in-prison sentences, which don't allow sentencers to consider the unique status of children and their potential for change.

ACLU calls for Massachusetts moratorium on controversial license plate readers

Statute laying out clear rules and oversight needed in light of revelations about program now suspended by Boston Police.