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Vassell wins in Hampshire Superior Court

Case of UMass Amherst student who faced charges with potential for a 30-year sentence to have charges dismissed.

Why a National Popular Vote is Good for Democracy

Yesterday the Massachusetts House voted 113 to 35 to support adoption of a national popular vote in Massachusetts. Read the blog by our executive director Carol Rose to find out why the ACLU supports this idea.

John Lewis Receives ACLU of Massachusetts' Highest Honor

At the 2010 Bill of Rights Dinner, civil rights hero and U.S. Representative John Lewis received the Roger Baldwin Award -- our highest honor, named for the Massachusetts-born founder of the ACLU. Rep. Lewis couldn't join us because he had to stay in Washington arguing for the repeal of the discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell" policy on the House floor that evening, but you can watch Rep. John Lewis' address on our video page.

The latest issue of the ACLU of Massachusetts newsletter, The Docket, is in the mail now to our members statewide

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