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What is Wrong with the Boston Police 'Safe Homes' Initiative?

A lot. We've released a briefing paper with the title above.

National ACLU releases "Transgender People and the Law"

"Know Your Rights" publication gives overview of legal issues for transgender people, including discrimination, family matters, and health care coverage.

Press Release: Federal Appeals Court Says It's OK for School to Use Children's Books Encouraging Tolerance for Gay People

BOSTON -- Today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that a Massachusetts elementary school can continue to use children's books that encourage tolerance for gay people. The ACLU cheers the decision of the court, which rejected the claims of parents who said exposing their children to such books violated their ability to direct the religious training of their children.

Ellsberg, Maddow to headline ACLU of Mass. Membership Conference

Amid 2008 election season, gathering will focus on "Reclaiming Our Civil Liberties," Saturday at Bentley College