New Civil Liberties Minute: Every Moment

Who in the United States would actually dare suggest that the government has the right to monitor the movement of everyone in the United States every minute of day? The answer is...

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Testimony in support of safe and healthy pregnancy care for women in prison

The ACLU of Massachusetts strongly supports House Bill 2234, An Act Relative to Safe Pregnancies and Related Health Care for Female Inmates. It is time for our General Laws to prohibit the shackling of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery in Massachusetts state and county correctional facilities; to outline basic standards of prenatal and postpartum care to ensure safe and healthy outcomes for female prisoners and their pregnancies; and to promote good reproductive health for women returning to their communities.

Testimony (PDF)

Teams from US Dept. of Justice and US Attorney General's office arrive in Springfield on Monday to intervene re: voting rights

"The City of Springfield appears to again not be complying with the laws designed to insure all voters have equal access to the polls, which fundamentally is undemocratic," said Bill Newman, director of the ACLU's Western Massachusetts Legal Office.

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New Civil Liberties Minutes on the "Occupy" Protests

Two new Civil Liberties Minute episodes highlight the importance of the "Occupy" movement across the country and in the Commonwealth:

Occupy Protests
Can the police arrest you for demonstrating in a public park? Inquiring minds occupying Wall Street (and Main Street) want to know.

The One Percent
What does the constitutional guarantee of equal protection say about the wealth of the top 1% of Americans and the bottom 90% being equal?

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NAACP, ACLU, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights write US Department of Justice regarding Springfield voting rights violations

Letters cite multiple areas of noncompliance with the Federal Voting Rights Act and the Department of Justice's 2006 settlement order with the City of Springfield.