Victory! Appeals Court unanimously affirms right to videotape police

"This is a resounding victory for the First Amendment right to openly record police officers carrying out their duties in a public place," said Sarah Wunsch, ACLU of Massachusetts staff attorney. "It will be influential around the country in other cases where people have been arrested for videotaping the conduct of the police."

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Civil rights groups file suit to shed sunlight on police surveillance operations

Monitoring of political activity has become a serious concern in light of expanded police activities and capabilities. The ACLU of Massachusetts and the National Lawyers Guild of Massachusetts have filed suit on behalf of eight Boston-area political groups and four individual activists.

ICE rescinds "Secure Communities" memoranda of understanding

"This latest power-grab by the feds shows complete disrespect for the cities and states that worked hard to negotiate agreements and those that, like Massachusetts, decided after much consideration not to sign on the dotted line. Police and communities have real, on-the-ground concerns that S-Comm makes our communities less safe. ICE has once again steamrolled over those concerns and claimed a right to rule by decree."

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ACLU seeks details on government phone tracking in massive nationwide information request

In a massive coordinated information-seeking campaign, 34 American Civil Liberties Union affiliates in 31 states across the nation today are sending requests to 379 local law enforcement agencies--including 11 in Massachusetts--demanding to know when, why, and how they are using cell phone location data to track Americans. The campaign is one of the largest coordinated information act requests in American history. The requests, being filed under the states' freedom of information laws, are an effort to strip away the secrecy that has surrounded law enforcement use of cell phone tracking capabilities.

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