ACLU sues federal agencies over license plate reader information

Demands records on how ordinary citizens' data is kept and shared.

Podcast: Meet one of the prime architects of voter-suppression laws

A lawyer you've probably never heard of--almost by herself--might select the next President of the United States.

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ACLU says lawsuit against Plainville racetrack gambling critic should be thrown out

Lawsuit tries to silence petitioning activity protected by the First Amendment.

Springfield settles Melvin Jones police brutality case

City pays $575,000 over incident that permanently impaired a victim's vision and led to the assault-and-battery convictions of a police officer.

Podcast: TSA officers report TSA racial profiling

Thirty TSA officers at Logan airport in Boston have reported that a screening program meant to spot potential terrorists functions instead as a racial profiling program that targets Middle Easterners, blacks, hispanics, and other minorities--and what happens at the airport in Boston doesn't stay in Boston. Logan airport is the testing ground for expanded use of what the TSA calls "permitted behavioral detection methods."

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