ACLU calls for end to incarceration of innocent and wrongfully sentenced North Carolina inmates

In dealing with state drug lab scandal, Massachusetts should not emulate DOJ resistance to relief for wrongfully sentenced inmates.

Podcast: Are you sure you can vote this November?

It's scary: votes in this election may decide who gets to vote in the future.

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Legal advocates call for independent investigation of state drug lab scandal

Letter to Attorney General Coakley says public trust will best be served by avoiding any potential conflict of interest.

National ACLU president Susan Herman to speak Wednesday in Worcester, WBUR's David Boeri to receive Defender of Civil Liberties

Public reception takes place Oct. 24, 6pm, at The People's Kitchen; free and open to the public.

Podcast: The case of state drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan

State drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan allegedly falsified tests on samples involving hundreds of cases, but this scandal goes far beyond one person. We should not forget that our entire drug policy is in the grip of a 40-year, trillion-dollar, ineffective war on drugs and the prison industrial complex.

Listen to the Civil Liberties Minute podcast! (MP3)